Tangovaudeville – Open Air Tango and Vaudeville at Griessmuhle on the 8th August


In the bravcew new spirit of mixing things up to put a fresh spin on things, Griesmuhle have kicked off a series of events known as Tangovaudeville, and of course the name says it all. A combination of Tango and Vaudeville. There you go, weren’t expecting that, were you? Nope. Got you again. Billed as an evening of Argentine Tango, Vaudeville Theatre, Music, Tree Houses, BBQ and sunsets, it promises to be an unnusual and lovely night. There are fully covered areas so any rain that follows through on its threat will not wash the night out, but of course it would be all the more beautiful if the weather plays along. Griessmuhle is a brilliant venue with a garden that nestles up along the side of the canal, fringed by trees, and it’s suggested that you bring along your own food to barbecue. Entry is by donation, with 10 euros suggested if you do take the dance class and 5 euros if you don’t. Do a spot of tango, take in a bit of vaudeville, grill a bit of dead animal – or dead plant, however you do it – and watch the sun go down over southern Neukoelln.

Entry from 6pm.