The Calling of Sevdaliza | Live Performance at Volksbühne

by | indieBerlin

When I think about Sevdaliza, the first picture that comes to my mind is a garden full of black roses somewhere in a desert, glowing under the moonlight.
Sevdaliza per se should be a genre.
Red Bull Music Festival did the honors and brings Sevdaliza to Berlin @Volksbühne on 28th September. We will attend the premiere of an experimental new show crafted by the avant-pop producer and singer for her new EP “The Calling”.

“For this show, she’ll use the storied Volksbühne theater as a
laboratory, combining fractured frequencies with acoustic elements and collaborating with a highly acclaimed choreographer to present her vision of an alternative heart-led reality.”
The Iranian-Dutch singer deserves to be called “an artist”. From directing her own music videos (which by the way are out of this world), designing her sets & performances (which the public adores) and writing raw lyrics, she is by far one of the best creators of this generation.


I must admit, the first videos of her I found while being lost on the dark side of Youtube. I remember being frightened and amazed at the same time by her unique twisted mysterious style. It’s not for everybody. But by watching her you’ll understand the power, the humility and the confidence of a contemporary Persian princess in our urban era.

“I don’t really have fears, because I gave everything up for what I’m doing.”

An interview from 2016 allowed me to take a closer step and understand her vision.  She’s complicated in the simplest possible way: pure, mysterious and raw. From her debut single “Backseat Love”, in 2014  followed by two four-tracks EPs released in 2015 and her 2017 album “Ison”, you can clearly sit and admire her mixed up games with electronic, alternative R&B  trip hop, experimental pop, and avant-pop.
Give her a try. If it’s a yes,  see you next Friday at Volksbühne!

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