The/Das played a sweaty concert at Schwuz – indieberlin reviews


There was incredible energy and sincerity in the live show of the Berliner electronic pop / techno tenderness band The/Das on Thursday night. The singer Fabian Fenk wasn’t saving his efforts or crazy moves a bit while dripping sweat at Schwuz where they played for an enthusiastic audience.

The/Das released their first album this year and have been on their very first tour during the fall. Stopping in cities like London, Paris and Zurich along the way the tour finally took them back to their hometown where they played nothing short of a tight gig.

The/Das has been compared to Kraftwerk, Daft Punk and Aphex Twin among a bunch of other bands and the comparisons aren’t completely far off. The band is at its best in songs like ‘Miami Waters’ and ‘My Made Up Spook’ which of course they played on Thursday’s gig. It was clear from the beginning that the show wasn’t about chilling but having fun, and the live drums took their perfectly poppy music to a whole next level. Aside from a short slower phase with ‘Receiver’ the pace kept on getting faster towards the end of the evening with an energetic version of ‘Parallel Worlds’ before the encore.

The concert was a perfect combination of catchy pop melodies, rock show elements, electronic sounds and techno beats which made it impossible not to dance. What I liked the most was the feeling of certain unexpectancy, which seems to be part of their recipe in songwriting as well. The gig wasn’t just routine for the band, even though it hasn’t been too long since their last concert at Schwuz.

If you felt compelled to categorize The/Das genre-wise, electro pop would be the place where you’d most likely map them. If you don’t have to do that though you’ll be more likely to get closer to the truth. Instead of following strict plans and genres in songs their music is a melting pot of ambient techno, avant-garde and pop – a mixture that for me works best live, all sweaty and crazy dancey.


Review by Kiira Koskela