This is how Yellow Days enlightens a dark room in Berlin with its groovy blues

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When a 19-year-old singer stands on stage to ask you if everything is ok in your world, empathy convinces isolation and music synchronizes between masses.

Yellow Days spellbound the Berlin audience on his first concert in the city the best way a teenager surrounded by blues, jazz and soul knows how to, with a groovy and raw sound that basically hypnotized a full house on Kantine am Berghain.

Britain singer George van den Broek performs music as Yellow Days, a name that combines effortlessly with his sun-drenched hair and nostalgic energy. That mix up that shines with kindness and melancholy added up just right to a large crowd of fans that made him blush last Wednesday with every cheering and ovation between and after songs.

Yellow Days was received with an immediate energy that didn’t end even when he got off the stage

White T-shirt, simple jeans, and that distinguished yellow hair that blends with the beat of his name Yellow Days was received with an immediate energy that didn’t end even when he got off the stage and the public kept asking for one last song. Van den Broek not only presented to a sold-out concert in Berlin, but from the first moment managed to reach an intimate and solely experience for each of the presents. His simple and unpretentious individuality made a venue decorated with not much more than a few dark color lights and a bar pulsate with those states of consciousness that he clearly creates within every song.

The musician made sure of integrating some of his most popular songs like Your Hand Holding Mine and Gap in the clouds – following his debut EP, Harmless Melodies – with his new project Is Everything Okay in Your World and tracks like Lately and I’ve been thinking too hard. This last record mixes one more time a refreshing mash-up of jazz, indie, soul, blues, and creativeness beyond the traditional genders that we are used to.

About the album, the singer recalls that “the cohesion of the piece comes with the answer to the question that the album title poses: how are you feeling at the moment? (…) “It’s all about people who feel a bit down and can’t quite get themselves together.”

George van den Broek it’s equally talented live as in your Spotify/YouTube player, the mist that acquires Yellow Days multiplies emotions with a music that according to the singer in earlier interviews with Billboard “is always just like a state of consciousness, every song and every album is just how I’ve been, how I’ve been feeling,” he says. “Some will be happy, some will be sad, some will be a mixture.”

Yellow Days it is embarking on an almost entirely sold out tour through the U.S. and Europe promoting his last project, a singular venture featuring guests such as Rejjie Snow and Nick Walters. Berlin was lucky to see him live for the first, but probably not last time in a concert that vibrated with his harsh echoes and soulful voice.

You can follow Yellow Days on its Facebook page or Twitter for upcoming gigs and news about the musician.

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