Touching music – literally – at Fête de la Musique!

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If you’ve got an instrument in your dreams but not in reality; here is your chance to live the dream. The Sounding Museum Berlin is again part of Fête de la Musique 2018 on the 21st of June – this year at Bellermannstraße 81!

The Sounding Museum – or Das Klingende Museum – offers the unique opportunity for children and grownups of all ages to try out instruments under professional guidance. Normally we use our ears to hear music or use our eyes to watch people play. But what happens, when we get our hands on an instrument, start making sounds with it, and actually touch the music?

This is your chance to find out: Professional musicians and musical pedagogues will lead the way helping you, your child, your best friend or dear old grandmother find the way with the instrument of your dreams. How does it work, what can it do, what do I like? You can try out various classical music instruments; so why not just go for it? Yes, it’s that simple.

Professor and conductor Gerd Albrecht is founder of The Sounding Museum Berlin – and Hamburg. According to him, something very essential changes, when not only the eyes are being satisfied in a museum but the ears and the sense of touch are included as well. In other words: Go home awe and deep admiration from a distance. Get real, get in touch, discover your potential, play.

The Sounding Museum is coming to Fête de la Musique with their Sounding Mobile – which you can also book for your child’s birthday party, laptop addicted friend’s housewarming, or cousin’s bachelor party if your not able to show on the 21st.

Check out the website of The Sounding MuseumFête de la Musique, and the Facebook page for Fête de la Musique – it’s full of cool and very different music events for you to discover, so don’t hold back. Just go. Oh, and on the day before, indieBerlin is media partner for an also very cool warm-up event; also full of music (and for free!).

Photo: Jan Kulke

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