Unseen Westeros – An Upcoming Exhibition

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With the upcoming final season of Game of Thrones still seeming impossibly far away, we invite you to walk deep into the past of Westeros.

For three years forty international artists have collaborated to imagine the world of Westeros in a time before George R R Martin’s pinacle ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’. Most of the exhibitors have worked on the HBO show since season 2, conceptualising the lands and castles we’ve come to love.

With blessings from George R.R. himself, an official Game of Thrones exhibition is happening in Berlin this January. Together these artists have depicted Westeros hundreds of years before ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’.

Not only will this be a visually immersive experience into the land of Westeros but a journey into its history. The 80 portraits, characters, and massive landscape all come from ‘The World of Ice and Fire’, a conceptual history of Westeros written by George R.R. Martin, Elio M. Garcia and Linda Antonsson, released in 2014.

You are invited to dive deep into the very imaginations that defined the show’s production. Like a pilgrim in a foreign land you’ll traverse from cellars and climb towers bringing you deeper into old Westeros. See for yourself a land forged by dynasties and fallen to time and war.

The exhibition will take place in the old factory, Umspannwerk Reinickendorf, Berlin, its first show in 30 years. A unique and originally composed soundtrack will loft in the background of each room, characterizing the artwork. There’ll also be accompanying QR codes for audio description direct to your smartphone as you wander through the 8000 m2 space and gaze upon one of today’s favourite fictional worlds.

The pieces will be huge in size, adding to the awe-inspiring detail these artists have delivered. This is the perfect fix for any Game of Thrones fan who wants to be a part of the world of Westeros again, enjoying designs and depictions never before seen either in the book or television series.

The exhibition is free! You can put your name down for the journey by following the link below


There is also time to support the Kickstarter and get your hands on some quality merchandise



The Unseen Westeros Exhibition is covered for indieBerlin by Ed Sherrington

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