Video debut: 1000 Gram – I Like You

by | indieBerlin

Previously described as an international indie consortium, the fuzzy guitar-based quintet 1000 Gram share with us the video for their latest single I Like You, taken from their newest record By All Dreams Necessary.

It’s a dusty ode to the days of David Bowie-tinted youth, rich with a charming nostalgia in which the central character seems to grow up before our eyes. The childlike wonder of being your local town sheriff-slash-hero is explored with a sense of balmy pessimism and fabulous leather jackets.

Beautifully shot with intriguing camerawork, it gives off the impression of an elegy to the last days of summer, seen through rose-coloured glasses. There’s a sweet naïveté to the film itself, which balances perfectly with the pithy lyrics and deliciously layered instrumental textures.

With a melody that’ll be stuck in your head for a few days at least, the track and video are a perfect match. There’s no need for excessive over-production here; it’s an organic sound with a thoughtful accompaniment that allows the instruments to breathe.

To see more of 1000 Gram’s work, we highly recommend you check out their Soundcloud, Spotify and Facebook  as a matter of public urgency.

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