Video Premiere: Betical – Runnin

by | indieBerlin

French brother-brother duo Betical drop their shiny new video Runnin today – a haunting mix of ethereal melodies and sharp beats guaranteed to pique your interest.

Beautifully produced, with slick transitions and elements of the French Touch genre, this latest track is a testament to the unique celebration of electro that is Betical. Industrial and contemporary, their minimalist tracks hold delicate contrapuntal textures complemented by curious melodies – and Runnin is no exception. Think of them as Justice‘s cooler little brother, and you’ll understand what we’re getting at.

Having only released their debut EP Strangers in the Night earlier this year, the pair have gone from strength to strength, with their stirring production styles certainly making waves in the industry. Sounding almost tailor-made for Berlin, clean lines team up with mesmeric vocals – resulting in a track which we’ve had on repeat since it landed in our inbox.

Runnin was “created to portray the pressure that some people may experience nowadays, representing a metaphor of our generation in a way. We can see only one character in the clip who, stuck in a chaotic world, wishes to bloom in an emptier and more solitary world while finding an inner peace.” An intriguing film, it’ll definitely raise a few eyebrows, with delicious imagery and a seamless flow that’ll grab your attention from the outset.

It’s always good to treat yourself to a bit of electro chill on a Tuesday afternoon, so if you’re in the mood for a mellow three and a half minutes, we urge you to take a listen to this strikingly crisp track from one of the most exciting new duos we’ve stumbled across in a long time.

Fancy catching them live? Take a look at their Facebook and Twitter for updates on future projects and concerts.

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