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The dreamy noise pop band Highest Sea releases a new video, “Hudson River”
Behind the name Highest Sea hides the French songwriter Leila Zanzibar, also playing the guitar, Andreas Miranda (bass), Cristobal Jimenez van Cauwelaert (lead guitar) and Theo Taylor / Martin Perret (drums). The band is based in Berlin and plays dreamy noise pop. Highest Sea’s sounds are rather melancholic, questioning the human condition and its fragility.

Leila originally comes from Nice, France and moved in Berlin to grow as an artist. She released her debut album, “Haunted Hearts”, in 2017. The band then evolved to a quartet. Highest Sea’s now being signed to Berlin’s Duchess Box Records.

The band released its new EP “Haven” on 21.06. They’re releasing a new video for the second title of the EP, “Hudson River”. The video has been recorded in New York.

Whether it’s your music style or not, I genuinely think that the video is worth watching. With this geometrical editing, it changes from what we usually see. From the video emerges a softness, turning daily life moments into poetry. The music and the video go well along and are both bewitching.

I really invite you to have a look at Highest Sea’s work, you can follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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