Video Premiere: MAXIM – Cold Drinks

by | indieBerlin

We’d recommend viewing MAXIM’s latest video Cold Drinks at least once per day – the aesthetic is so sweet and mellow that it’s sure to cure you of any winter blues you might be suffering from.
Carefully curated from stock footage of 1970s skaters hailing from Los Angeles, the project entices its audience with a mesmerising palette and eyebrow-raising technical witchcraft. It’s beautifully edited, perfectly complimenting the relaxed ambience of the track itself. The title of their most recent EP Sunny Sunday Morning sums up the energy of this video – the record is full to the brim with snappy electronica and a warm and fuzzy atmosphere that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Inspired by the two cultures of the artist himself – Paris meets California – the video is tasteful and slick and deliciously DIY. The vintage film gives the video a delectably old-school vibe, leaving the viewer with a last-weekend-of-summer nostalgia. Smooth slo-mo and sunset-framed urban landscapes galore, it’s a candid insight into the mind of the songwriter himself.

Considering Maxim himself is only nineteen years old, Cold Drinks is a remarkably mature and well-produced track, drawing influence from a melting pot of different genres. There’s a touch of everything in here – from funk to NuSoul, and hip hop to jazz, which shines through in the song’s rich and layered texture. The artist himself doesn’t appear in the video – he’d rather let the footage speak for itself. It’s a step away from his previous video White Bass, whilst retaining the intriguing visuals and storyteller nature of his other works. It’s sharp and exciting, and we’re keen to see what Maxim offers up next.

Sunny Sunday Morning is released on October 5th through 1178 Records.


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