Video: Vimala – Home

by | indieBerlin

Acclaimed French techno/electro producer Vimala drops his latest single Home today – and we’ve managed to get our hands on the music video, you lucky things.

Delectably shot on location in Palermo and Etna Volcano, the film addresses the relationship between the inhabitants of the city and the mountain which overshadows it. It’s a haunting deep dive into the insignificance of humankind, with Vimala suggesting that this record “allows the listener access to the soul of the volcano with electronic intensity”.

His sound is eerie and minimal, weaving tales with the delicate layers constructed from a variety of curious instruments. There’s an ethereal quality to his work that’s hard to define; it’s most definitely the kind of music that requires you to make your own interpretation of it.

Loosely following the life of Gaspard – a French citizen resident in Palermo since the 1980s – it’s a subtly beautiful foray into the lives of others; a meditation on humility and gratitude. The contrast between the bustling city and serenity of the volcano itself is rather remarkable, and leaves the viewer curious to discover more about this intriguing artist’s work.

If, like us, your interest has been thoroughly peaked, peruse Vimala’s other works on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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