Watch Movie Club’s Surreal Moonbow Video

by | indieBerlin

The visuals for Movie Club’s latest track, Moonbow is positively one of the most weirdly enjoyable experiences you will see today – particularly if you are a fan of wolves, chase scenes or tripped out beats.

Set on the backdrop of Venice Beach, our protagonists of the music video, the two members of the Movie Club, attempt to evade capture (or worse?) from a pair of white-suited, white-furred Wolves that stalk, prance and float across the barren streets of LA in a bid to recover a suitcase unearthed from the beach itself.

Sound weird enough for you yet? Well, there is more.

All throughout the montage of the chase, the visual effects are manipulated with various portions of the video sped up or slowed down while the manipulation of colours and images cause a significant distortion effect with disorientates and immerses you into the weird reality Movie Club have cultivated.

These get progressively more and more in your face until it all proliferates into the epic finale, which synchronises perfectly with the rhythm of the track which has an identical progression. Starting off slow before amping up faster and faster as it reaches a crescendo towards the end, by which points the fate of the Wolves and the Movie Club have been sealed. This you will have to watch the video in order to experience for yourself.

According to the group, they drew inspiration for the video from the Beastie Boy’s classic music video, Sabotage and you can see certain elements of this in the video, notably, the chase sequence concept. However, Movie Club’s take it has something that little bit more peculiar and unnerving about it which compliments their own eerie track perfectly.

You can’t put your finger on what is the element that makes it such a bizarre visual experience as it is the combination of all the elements together. It is sort of like a strange, scary dream but one that is filled with such a fantastic track that you don’t wish for it to end despite being in the throes of anxiety.

Check out the video below and then go over to Spotify to enjoy the track while on the go without needing to suffer the fears of the wraithlike white wolves.

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