Whores And Thieves – read the indieberlin album review and decide yourself – we’ve got some albums to give away.


indieberlin album review – this time it’s Whores and Thieves with their album “Anti Echo Chamber” – read the review and decide yourself – we have 5 albums to give away….

I’m immediately pre-disposed against modern, classically inspired rock bands. Either they flagrantly rip off their predecessors (with of course, the mandatory claim of having ‘modern twist’) or are so experimental that they descend into insipidity. Isn’t it nice to start a review by laying my hand of prejudices casually on the table?

With that out of the way, Anti Echo Chamber is a solid album, and not without more than a few highlights. These for me included ‘Evelyn’, the album’s buttery melodic number laden with hooky vocals and a catchy 1-6 chord progression. ‘Old Engine’ is a lovely delta blues-inspired song featuring some lovely slide over a chugging Resonator guitar and an interlocking banjo. Single ‘Old Man’s War’ is the album’s best riff by far, much ballsier and with thought-provoking lyrics.

The problem is, I’m forced to judge music of this nature on the basic tenets of an incendiary rock album. With this in mind, on the whole Anti Echo Chamber slightly underwhelms. This is on account of the high proportion of filler songs found mostly at the start of the album. In these, the riffs are blunt, lacking the power and groove to propel the band into noteworthiness. The highs aren’t high enough, nor are the refrains particularly soaring. With all reckoned, a very solid album with some definite high points, unfortunately detracted from by the filler.

Review by Neelesh Vasister