Win Tickets To Imarhan at Lido and Shake Down to Some Tuareg Beats

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South-Algerian band Imarhan, meaning “the ones I care about”, have released their second album Tenet, or “connections” in the Tamakesh language. After the immense international success of their first self-titled release, they are making it very clear that their heart remains close to preserving their traditions, sharing them with the world while also innovating, and bringing people together.
Following in the footsteps of Grammy-award winning Tuareg band, Tinariwen (one of the members, Eyadou Ag Leche, actually produced Imarhan’s first album), and the general cultural heritage of Tuareg music, Imarhan also provide a unique variation on the theme infusing their sound with elements of the modern-day pop and rock they listened to growing up.

Indeed their first album was an intoxicating mix of traditional desert folk ballads, pan-African beats, and elements of folk and psych rock (though of course, this is kind of a “chicken or the egg” scenario since the latter genres definitely borrow heavily from traditional world music) with a general meditational feel but also intensely catchy dance tunes.
Tenet picks up the tempo even more, infusing Imarhan’s traditional base with increasingly electric sound and elements of disco, funk and rock.
Though Imarhan began as a project between school friends in 2008, it’s only in the last couple years with extensive touring and the 2016 release of their first album that the band has begun to garner the recognition it deserves.

Their mission of keeping alive their language (spoken by only 62,000 people) and traditions through music while also turning every room into a wild dance party and creating a bridge between audience members is a noble one indeed.

Come join the celebration March 27th at Lido! You can even try your luck at winning two tickets from indieBerlin – write us to win(at)!
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