Win tickets for Kometenmelodien: LINA TULLGREN | ADAM TORRES at Kantine am Berghain on Sunday 28th

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We all know Berlin can get pretty dark and moody at this time of year. So what could be better than some moody music to suit the weather?

Lina Tullgren’s music is mellow and brooding, introspective and touching. Her songs touch on some pretty heavy topics. But the thing that strikes most clearly is that her music has real emotion in every beat.

She grew up in Maine, on the US east coast. It may seem like an unusually isolated place for a budding musician, but surrounded by a musical family, she came to find her own way of expressing herself. Armed with a guitar and a soft, sweet voice she really shows her inner self to you. You almost feel that she is singing just for you.

Throughout her 2017 album “Won” the intensity shifts from moment to moment. Her voice wavers and almost breaks with wonderfully delicate emotion at times. Then next moment she produces surprisingly strong and defiant notes. It is these shifts that give such emotional charge to the record.

She will be joined in concert by fellow American, Adam Torres. With his soaring falsetto vocals, Torres’s music grabs your imagination and takes you away with him. “Juniper Arms”—the opening track of his latest album—is breathtaking. Simple acoustic guitar and a beautiful melody. It’s a description that works for much of his music. He does have some upbeat numbers, such as “Morning Rain”. But uplifting or melancholy, each song is heartfelt.

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