Win tickets to INDRIDI at Kantine am Berghain on December 13th!

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Icelandic songwriter extraordinaire INDRIDI has made Berlin his new home, and to celebrate this news, we’re offering two free tickets to his show at Kantine am Bergain on December 13th.

Standing more as a confessional piece rather than a traditional album, INDRIDI’s (otherwise known as Indriði Arnar Ingólfsson) latest record ding ding marks a turning point in his life cycle as a composer.  Formerly the guitarist for punk-hardcore group Muck, he cemented his new path as an acoustic solo artist with 2016’s Makril, a graceful and intriguing collection showcasing his remarkable talents.

ding ding manages to capture the quintessence of his earlier work, whilst illustrating how he’s evolved as an artist. Considering how gentle the compositions on this album are, the subjects in question are remarkably heavy: he tackles substance abuse, death and depression (to name a few) head on, without holding back or watering down his intentions. It’s beautifully intimate, opening something of a Pandora’s box – the artist is sharing a part of himself that most people would prefer to keep strictly private, and he’s done it in a refined and poignant way, avoiding all traces of syrupy self-pity.

It’s all too easy for lyrics to fall into such a trap, and this is most definitely not the case with INDRIDI. His work is intelligent and tasteful, combining sparse musical landscapes with imaginative instrumentation and a killer voice – honestly? It’s almost a crime that this artist isn’t better known.

It’s a delicately raw album, with the soft and melancholic delivery of the vocals complementing the guitar line flawlessly. It’s a gem of a record, and you’d be a fool to not listen to it.

To be in with a chance of winning a pair of tickets to INDRIDI’s show, send an email to win(at) and check out details of the show here.

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