Win tickets to Ponte Pilas’ single release show – May 24th at Musik und Frieden

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Sweating guitars will roar in Musik und Frieden this May the 24th.

The release of “Eye For An Eye” will be another opportunity for Ponte Pilas to to do what they know best on stage, rock. In other singles such as Out of My Head, the band has shown not only how keen-to-dance their rock can get, but also the power of their heavy grooves.

Dig a little into their past and you’ll find their Young Perros EP, a perfect example of their sound – four songs which show the raw but defined direction of their music. You can hear a lot of Franz Ferdinand, and the best times of Arctic Monkeys (their first album) through this record.

The emotion that can be heard on their early recordings and the developed groovy riffs from their more recent music makes you want to see them live, because when you listen to their music, you just want to jump.

Songs with guitar solos not ashamed to cry, dancing boots on spilled beer, screeching harmonious vibes and heavy pumping is what you will experience. Please be cautious and bring some ear plugs because it might get loud – and maybe, if you’re lucky, a little louder. Send an email to win(at) for your chance to win a pair of tickets!

12-22˚C Partly cloudy.

See you at the gig this Friday.

Nos vemos en el toque.

Later me mate.

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