Winners of the indieberlin 2015 awards

by | indieBerlin

Woo! When we opened our first ever annual awards thing, we didn’t think so many people would write to us with their favourites, but we’ve been completely bowled over with votes. So thanks very much to everyone for sending those in. 

To get the final winners and runners-up we equally mixed the emailed votes with those from our jury – made up of a panel of all our indieberlin reviewers and co-conspirators.

What do the winners get?

  • A certificate stating that they were the most interesting artist of their category for this year
  • One month free advertising on indieberlin for their exhibition/album/concert/fashion show/book
  • Free participation in a day-long workshop on social media strategies, website design and SEO implementation, and online marketing

So with no further ado:


Winner: Dan Freeman and the Serious

Runner-up: Cameron James Laing

Best Photographer

Winner: Nico Stinghe

Best visual artist / gallery / platform

Lehr Galerie

Best Fashionista

Umasan Berlin

Burlesque Performer / Personality

Winner: Marlene von Steenvag

English language writer

Winner: Jane Flett

Runner-up: Jonathon Lyon

German language writer

Winner: Luci van Org

Runner-up: Thilo Bock

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