Celebrate Cinematic Pestilence at WOODMAS – 15.10

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Here at indieBerlin, we feature plenty of artists who are amazing. It’s also not unusual for us to feature events that celebrate the life of particularly loved artists. But this is the first time that I find myself promoting an event, which celebrates the spirit of the ‘worst film director of all time’: Ed Wood. Woodmas celebrates a life of cinematic bile.

Announcing the dubious Golden Turkey Award in 1980, film critic Michael Medved named Ed Wood as the worst director of all time. Taking a look at his film Plan 9 From Outer Space, I think they might be onto something. I’m not sure it’s quite as bad as the septic boil that is this film but it’s a firm contender. Plenty of directors reach mediocrity but this sinks lower than James Cameron did with Titanic. But maybe, just maybe, it’s so bad that it’s good?

Some are born bad, some achieve badness but Ed Wood dug and dug until he found new lows that not even Titanic explored, when it hit the bottom of the North Atlantic Ocean

Celebrate the ‘Woodian Christmas’, which comes to Berlin’s silent cinema: Ehemaliges Stummfilmkino Delphi, on October the 15th. If you can’t be yourself at an event that celebrates such an iconic director then you’re simply not trying – or, perhaps, you’re simply British. Many critic’s opinions were voiced but none were heeded. Ed Wood’s life was truly the pursuit of dreams and happiness in the process of giving the cinematic world nightmares. With this said, the promise of free Absolut Vodka Gimlet upon entry, is enough to convince me to go almost anywhere.

I love it already

On Woodmas, it is customary to cross-dress, wear angora, exchange (not so great) gifts and, if you drink, get ripped out of your damn mind. Celebrate your inner (or outer) freak and join in for Woodmas!

In the spirit of fathomless mediocrity, here’s the event program, ripped from Facebook

★ Screening of ‘Glen or Glenda’ (OmU)

★ DJ Lobotomy spins bizarre-retro-tunes on vinyl

★ XXX-Rated Ed Booth (dirty movies, yeah!)

★ Drink Special: Vodka Gimlets by Absolut (Ed Wood’s favourite drink!)

★ Angora and Cross-Dressing. Wear your favourite outfit for a Woodian Photo Shoot. Meow!

★ (unwanted) Gift Exchange. Bring a gift, get a gift!


So go on, celebrate cinematic pestilence and join us for Woodmas!

Want to go? Check out the event page for full details

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