We have the winners of the Berlin Lift-Off film festival 2018

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The Lift-Off Film Festival had a highly successful run in Berlin earlier in February, celebrating independent film from Germany and the rest of the world.

2018’s eleven-city-wide festival circuit kicked off with a bang at the cool and alternative UNION Filmtheater. Festival staff, indie film buffs, and the filmmakers themselves came together to appreciate the eclectic mix of films that were screened.

Filmmakers in attendance included Lift-Off Season Award-winning Best Director Paul Philipp and Best Actor Andre Hennicke, whose award-winning film The Peculiar Abilities of Mr Mahler was a huge success. Stefan Kjær Olsen, director of The Debt, also attended, and his film won the Best Feature award at the festival!

Here are the winners:

Best Feature: The Debt (dir. Stefan Kjær Olsen) – next screening at Manchester Lift-Off
Michael is finally leading a stable life with his girlfriend when his big brother Johnny suddenly, after being gone for 2 years, appears. Johnny’s in big trouble because he owes a lot of money to some criminals. Michael reluctantly agrees to help. But you don’t get that kind of money in a short time without getting your hands dirty.

Best Documentary: The Human Face (dir. Aline Pimentel) – next screening at Tokyo Lift-Off
By giving meaning to each and every mark on his sculptures, artist Kazuhiro gives meaning to his own life. Experiencing what is behind every wrinkle of time on the human face, transforms a superficial mask into a window to the soul.

Best Short Live Action Narrative: The Peculiar Abilities of Mr Mahler (dir. Paul Philipp) – next screening at Manchester Lift-Off
East Germany, 1987: The special investigator Mahler is said to have paranormal abilities. The police assigns him to solve the case of the 6-year-old Henry Kiefer, who is missing for weeks now, before this issue leads to political tensions with the West. But then he brings something to light that makes this family tragedy especially political…

To view the Special Mentions and the Online Winners , as well as posters and trailers of the winning films, click here!

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