What’s avant-garde cinema got to do with the humble potato? The story of Berlin’s newest cinema collective, AvanPato

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I’ve got a vivid image of a student clad in corduroy and spectacles, sitting in the university canteen at midday, wondering how to bring inspiration to Berlin cinema. Then suddenly the answer is there, right between the beans and the tofu con carne.

You see, Berlin has a great cinema scene‘, thinks the student, ‘but there’s a gap in the market. Venues like Babylon and Filmkunst host fascinating and well-attended screenings, but retrospectives and series are short-lived and never too far from the mainstream. They have a profit to turn, after all.

AvanPato indieBerlin film collective Berlin

indieBerlin is proud to announce a media partnership with AvanPato, a meeting point for people serious about art & film – with a sprinkle of silliness.

I don’t want to just watch films then make my own, on my own. I want to feed off people’s curiosity. I want to bring Berlin’s small-time buffs and boffs together in one melting pot,‘ the student nods. ‘The more cooks, the better the broth, after all.’ 

Then the eureka moment. Staring back at our hero from the plate is a humble potato. ‘That’s it!’ comes the cry. Other diners turn around, frowning. ‘I will start a not-for-profit collective to bring together people passionate about film-making in all its forms.’

The first Potato evening is on the 3rd May in Neukolln! Future events will be announced as they come, here on indieBerlin. Experience is immaterial. If you love film, you go.

Some bystanders are smirking, but more are opening up and nodding. The student continues, spectacles askew. ‘We will hold regular events on diverse themes. We’ll hold short talks, Q&As and chilled chats so that the ideas aren’t just lost once the evening’s over.’

Who’s with me? WHO IS WITH ME?’ Silence reigns. Then, one diner stands up: ‘I’m with you’. Another does the same, then more. Like Spartacus. Soon, all through the cafeteria people are on their feet, clapping and whooping.

This is all a very fictitious scenario (sorry to disappoint). But Avan Pato is very real, and it’s opening doors in May. Turn up for the debut event at Horse Bar on Wed 3rd May and be present for the meeting of great minds – maybe even add your own…

Like the facebook page here to stay tuned! And in the meantime, check out this trailer for their first event:

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