Marlene von Steenvag burlesque winner indie awards 2015

by | indiesex

Although these days there’s a wealth of burlesque talent in Berlin, with the scene that just five years ago was a small and well-kept secret growing and growing, Marlene von Steenvag sticks out from the crowd – she’s got everything you could want in a burlesque queen – glamour, looks, loads of personality, an inventive and utterly uninhibited repertoire, and a smile for everyone. Not only that but Marlene is also very active in making things happen, which we like as well. The Berlin burlesque scene is ever more vibrant and fun, and Marlene goes a long way to making that happen, putting on for example the Berlin Burlesque Festival every year with fellow organiser Else Edelstahl, co-running the Berlin Burlesque Academy and loads of other stuff too. Marlene has also been featured in countless media campaigns, including BMW, Aston Martin, Berliner Pilsner, Weihwasser and more.


photo by: Satin Paula Kopczynski

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