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A new wave of heat we could really use in the beginning of this winter. Coming straight from Argentina the 4 members of The Otherness just came up with a new 4-title EP: A New Resistance.

After a first album named LMIRL (Let’s Meet In Real Life), the band just released a new project. A New Resistance is all about what we like in The Otherness: deep subjects approached with warm and glowing rhythms.


This is the one, strong energy with an 80’s vibe you can’t get tired of!

The Argentinian band Is already spreading around the world with different live experiences, especially in the UK where they have had the pleasure to perform. Inspired by the Patagonian landscapes, their music is really about travelling, sharing, and listening to each other.

This EP was created in 2021, during their UE tour where the band had to deal with an exhausting daily routine, a lack of balance and the Covid crisis. In a distrustful environment, they felt the need to create and bring people together through music and resistance. This is what The Otherness is all about: reuniting by fighting the insipidity of life.

“Authentic, quality, passionate rock, these guys really mean it. “

Chris Hawkins, BBC 6 Music

This insurgent spirit of theirs is truly expressed in the music video clip that attends the EP (see below).

Produced and mixed by Gaspar Benegas in Buenos Aires, this short film is an ode to the four musicians’ native land. Filmed in Patagonia, it will give you an understanding of the band’s vision of society and of how technology sometimes seems like a barrier.

They draw their creativity and essence from rebellious ideas, freedom pushed to the limits and a whole lot of madness.

” Like a child is dealing with hunger and rape

Reality loads a gun in their brains

And violence in the veins

Of jails and trains “


Through the warm colourful tones, the band achieves the feat of exploring societal and occasionally abysmal subjects, always with an impressive musical construction.

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