abracadabra – Guess who’s back

by | Music

There’s a lot of good things and a lot of bad things that you can say about Eminem aka Slim Shady, and I’d have to agree with all of them. But before he lost his sense of humour, he was always riotously funny, and let’s face it, the man could rap.

Well, he’s back. Yes, back again.

With a song and accompanying video that grinningly takes the piss out of his present self, his old self and the world as it is today, with appearances by a horde of celebs as the new Eminem in a kind of sub-Robin costume goes roaring through a video game-like cityscape with Dr. Dre at the wheel, chasing a 90s-era Slimy Shady who’s come through a portal and wants to destroy everything, or at least put up a finger to it, Eminem shows that when he’s not on coke and/or misogynising the world and/or taking himself too seriously, the man’s good. Very good.

The man’s good. Very good.

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