An indieberlin review: FKA Twigs at Kulturbrauerei


Being on the BBC’s list of ‘Sound of 2014’ as well as on Spotify’s list of ‘Spotlight of 2014’, the 26-year-old Tahliah Barnett, better known as FKA Twigs sure lives up to those anticipations as well on record as on stage.

Even though she only released her first real album in August she’s already a professional musician and artist with an insight. Before the album LP1 she’s released two highly-praised EP’s, but with LP1 she has found a more solid sound and style.

It’s no wonder that her concert at Kesselhaus in Kulturbrauerei on Tuesday night was sold out. The demanding Berliner audience knew what it wanted – and FKA Twigs was there to give to them. The atmosphere swapped between beautiful and magical with multi-coloured lights illuminating the audience and FKA Twigs engulfed in smog: mysterious and even somewhat dangerous songs about sex and everything that goes with it. Her singing is simply unique with the melodies and chops hitting the high-choral pitch, making the alternative R&B with its slow approach nearly mesmerizing. On the stage she moves in a way only a dancer is able to move, and during the single ‘Two Weeks’ she finally managed to make even the oh-so-stiff audience shift a little. The only downside in the concert was that it seemed a bit short, ending with ‘How’s That’ and no encore.


Written by: Kiira Koskela

Photo of FKA Twigs at Webster Hall in August by ErickAutumn (see licence here: