Antonio Herrera’s pure pop single Stuck on U is the diametric opposite of grey winter months of lockdown blues

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Mexican singer-songwriter Antonio Herrera moved frequently between Mexico and the US, but wanting to break away and do something else, he came to Berlin to explore the city’s vibrant music scene. As many before him, he fell in love with the city and stayed. Four years later he’s releasing his first single, from his first album, produced by Lithuanian producer Free Finga.

A “club ballad” that mixes a light take on life, an energetic backbeat and a knowing nod to early zeroes MTV pop vibe.

The feelgood club track doesn’t dig too deep but it’s not meant to: after the year of lockdown and complete absence of club culture, all we’re looking for is some good-time club vibes and a space where we can simple not worry about all the heaviness of life.

The feelgood club track doesn’t dig too deep but it’s not meant to

The song is an unashamed light dance-pop number – to Antonio’s own admission, it’s the poppiest number on the upcoming album Solitude, which flirts with pure pop but also darts off into R&B and electro territory.

I know that I for one am longing to just head out to a club and boogie down. I don’t want heavy introspection, and I don’t want to be locked down anymore. I want to just stick on some Antonio Herrera and have a good time and fuck everything.

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