Arlo Parks new single and album

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Two-time Grammy nominated, Mercury Prize and BRIT Award winning artist Arlo Parks releases her new single “Blades” from her sophomore album My Soft Machine, due out May 26.

A Paul Epworth produced track with nu-disco loops, synthesizers and soundscapes. The song was created during what Arlo calls a “magical week” in which the two produced three songs for the album in five days.

She says, “Paul is just a magician; he has this childlike spirit that I’ve always really liked, and he brought that to Blades. I finally wanted to make something that I could dance to, because I feel like my songs in general don’t really have that quality. So I took inspiration from bands like ESG, artists like Kaytranada, and the ’70s psychedelic rock from Zambia that I love.”

Arlo explains, “I imagine that moment at a party where you see someone across the room that you haven’t seen in a long time, you feel yourself drifting apart, and you ask yourself, should I, shouldn’t I? And then you find the courage to approach that person. That’s the story of this song.”
‘Blades’ follows their most recent single ‘Weightless’ which has been A-listed on BBC Radio 1 and 6 Music at the time.

The single is also accompanied by an official video directed by Bedroom at Compulsory Film, who previously collaborated with Arlo on her video for “Too Good. Arlo will be coming to Berlin for a show on September 17.

Featured photo by SamuelWren98 via CC4 Licence

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