Axel Vindenes from Kakkmaddafakka in exclusive indieRepublik interview

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Who doesn’t love Kakkmaddafakka? Not just for the name, but the indie band that thru the zeroes and teens brought smiles to a veritable bevy of indie kids, bouncing up and down and shouting Yeah….or whatever yeah is in Norwegian.

The band’s daily video tour diaries showed in real time how Kakkmaddafakka was hit by the coronavirus lockdown – the last video shows them standing in Hungary, having just heard that their show for the night was cancelled, while hearing that show after upcoming show was being canned as well.

At indieRepublik we love indie, of course, so I was particularly cheerful to find an email asking if I’d like to do a zoom interview with lead singer Axel Vindenes, who is also apparently a painter and who is also apparently embarking on a solo project.

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The first single from the solo album came out last week (as of writing in early Sept. 2020), and it seemed the perfect moment to “catch up to” Axel – I in my Berlin living room, he in his Bergen, Norway artist studio.

Below is our Zoom chat – it ended up being so long, interesting and wide-ranging that I decided to cut it into two – the first one, below, is about music.

The second one will show our conversation about the meaning of art, the difference between painting and making music, and if humanity has a future – and what it might look like.

And now – here’s the brand new single Yesterday from Axel Verdenes…


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