Cool song, cool video – Erotic Market and I Want To Be Some Booty


French electro band give us a great song and video, with their peculiar brand of in-your-face feminism and deep beats.

A band who describes themselves among other things as “A racing car that designs its own routes, spinning past illogical scenery, between sensual, suggestive eroticism and a clearcut, flashy market”. A song that says, “I want you to love my booty – not my inner beauty” – Nice that someone can do feminism, playfulness, irony and a great song all in one. Keep an eye out for them in Germany in November – although for some reason they’re not (as yet) playing in Berlin….
Maybe if we all shout loudly they’ll come and play in Berlin too?

Article by Noel Maurice

Photo: Erotic-Market-©Narcisse Noyé