Cameron Hassard releases his debut mini-album ‘Rings’, and it packs a punch!

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Following the success of his first EP ‘Reconcile’ in 2017, Berlin-based Australian artist Cameron Hassard is back with ‘Rings’ – an eclectic mix of seven epic tracks including two beautiful musical interludes.

Simultaneously refined, moving, punchy and moody, ‘Rings’ transcends the genres of rock, western, country and blues. Cameron Hassard’s smouldering yet poetic vocals guide you through his sometimes ethereal, sometimes groovy, sometimes dark tunes.

Refined, moving, punchy and moody.

The mini-album, released via Berlin’s The Famous Gold Watch Records, is intended in its entirety as a set listening piece, owing to its sequential nature and overarching narrative. Powerful soundscapes arise from apocalyptic surf guitars, saxophones, rock beats and even the occasional organ, all coming together to produce soundtrack-worthy music.

To pick some of my favourite songs from the album, the opening track ‘Prelude’ sets the scene with its spaghetti western ambiance. Alex Samawicz aka ‘Musty-T’ features on trumpet, and this atmospheric melody combines perfectly with moody drums, percussion and backing vocals.

Spaghetti western ambiance.

The dystopian tune ‘Everything is Different Now’ is especially timely at the moment. This cool track is dark and unruly, culminating in what can only be described as a catharsis. Delicate piano provides a stark contrast to the general feel of the song, acting as a ray of light.

Ambiguous Desire stands out the most to me, injecting a seductive and sultry feel to the album. With Nick Cave-esque vocals, Cameron pays hommage to Berlin and its mystical backstreets. A perfect combination is achieved with a funky guitar riff, a heavy drum beat, emotive cello from Natascha Jaffe and striking additional vocals provided by Jess Smith.

This mini-album is essentially a movie played out in your ears, all narrated by Cameron Hassard’s elusive and memorable voice.

A movie played out in your ears.

Rings was recorded, produced, mixed and pre-mastered by Cameron James Laing at The Famous Gold Watch AudioVisual Studios in Berlin, and mastered by Steve Corrao at Sage, Nashville, TN.

Treat yourself to an intense and rewarding listen of this fantastic album.

Cameron Hassard Bandcamp | Famous Gold Watch Records Facebook | Famous Golden Watch Youtube

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