Cloudy June’s brand new single High Waist to Hell will have you humming it all day

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21-year-old Cloudy June from Berlin is about to take off as a solo artist with her dark pop sound. After 3 years as the singer of a death metal band, she is now on hey way solo and proves on her new single “High Waist To Hell” that she has left surprisingly little of her past behind.

With an aesthetic that stands so much for Generation Z, which no longer knows any genre-boundaries and for whom it is no problem to like Tyler The Creator and Lana Del Ray at the same time, Cloudy June releases the spring hit of 2020…

Titled “one of Berlin’s most promising emerging songwriters” in 2018, the young self-made independent musician now has over 42,000 streams on Spotify. Quite a success for this young singer whose demos posted to Soundcloud as a 14-year-old already won fans to her unusually rough and mature sounding voice, a distinctive feature to this day.

Cloudy June new single HIgh Waist to Hell photo credit Achernar Photography

In early 2020 Cloudy June went on tour in Germany as part of the backing ensemble of celebrated indie musician KAT FRANKIE. From metal pubs and renowned punk clubs like the SO36, to the big hall of the famous Elbphilharmonie – the half-Cuban singer, who was praised by Radio Stations as a “hopeful young voice”, has already played herself into the hearts of an ever growing fan community.

We noticed Cloudy June and fell in love with her voice and aura with her first tentative singles and have watched her grow quickly from her old metal days into one of the most exciting new artists comng out of Berlin – or anywhere else for that matter – at the moment.

Catch Cloudy June in interview on The Best New Bands Radio Show – Alex Berlin 91.0 Monday 20.4 4pm…

We also managed to grab Cloudy June for an interview live on our The Best New Bands Radio Show, going out on Monday 20th April – where we get to be the first radio show to play her brand new single and have an engaging chat with Cloudy about her music, the universe and everything. (And if you miss that it’s out as a podcast from a week later).

Definitely one of the new voices to watch – and listen for! – in 2020…

Photos by Achernar Photography

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