Coma 54 get melodious with new release ‘Flow’

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COMA 54, the Irish-born, Berlin-based band who insist that they’re grunge, come back with more heavy guitars mixed with finely tuned harmonies and an ear for a good melody.

I’ll let them have the grunge label if they like, and there are definite touches of the particular rock vibe that you would once have used that label for, but in my opinion these days grunge is a slightly outre label; they also describe themselves as desert rock and shoegaze, so maybe that’s a new genre in itself?

New grunge? Is there such a thing? What about grungegaze…desertgrunge? Maybe grungeshoe?

Whatever, what I keep liking about these plucky lads from Ireland who do a good scowling-in-a-doorway press photo, is their mix of heavy vibe, strong songwriting and a definite knack for a good melody. And even if the drums are loud and the guitars heavy, there’s also a definite pop overtone, if only in the catchiness of the chorus.

With festival headlining slots in Munich, Berlin and Schwerin as well as a recently packed gig in Casseopia in Berlin, COMA 54 are not going anywhere, and that can only be a good thing.

Find Coma 54 on Insta here

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