The Remarkable Return of Lofi-Lounge on Saturday is a Beacon of Hope for Berlin’s Live Music Scene

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Successful Berlin concert series Lofi-Lounge – the brainchild of musician Kitty Solaris – finally returned on Saturday after a long break of almost six months.

Its new home, the trendy Kesselhaus in der Kulturbrauerei, provided the perfect backdrop to the event’s new atmosphere, that of being “im Exil”, existing in a forever-changed world, and yet proving that live music will prevail!

Variety was the key word for this Lofi-Lounge, not only with regards to genre, but also to the language, method, use of technology, tone and character of each performance.


“3 South & Banana’s bliss at being able to play live again was infectious”

3 South & Banana exceeded already-high expectations as a ‘multimedia live band experience’. The project’s head, multi-instrumentalist Aurélien Bernard, gifted the audience with beautifully soft vocals, either in French or English, and indulgent synth-pop melodies from his guitar.

But that’s not all. He coupled this with a projection which was not only mesmerising and psychedelic, depicting abstract shapes and whirling stars, but introduced the ‘other band members’ to the audience. A drummer and multiple guitarists appeared throughout the set, all bearing a striking resemblance to Aurélien…

This fascinating performance was enchanting to watch, and 3 South & Banana’s bliss at being able to play live again was infectious.


Next up was Wyvern Lingo, the exceptionally talented and idiosyncratic Irish ‘trio-minus-one’ as a result of the practicalities of living in a global pandemic. Their energy and passion for their music and for having the opportunity to play it in front of a real-life audience was invigorating, and there was even more reason to celebrate as there was a birthday in the group (happy birthday Karen, see birthday crown above)!

Whilst they animatedly switched from guitar to keyboard or from drums to guitar, both girls’ voices stunned the crowd, and their memorable songs hung in the air for a long time after they had finished playing.

“Yusuf’s record is very diverse, ranging from fun and groovy to moving and melancholic”

And finally came Yusuf Sahilli. This Lofi-Lounge was his Record Release Concert, and oh what a record he is releasing! Described as ‘metropolitan indie pop’, Yusuf’s songs are catchy, varied and clearly influenced by music from all over the world, carrying the audience effortlessly from blues to folk to pop to alt-rock.

Yusuf’s record is very diverse, ranging from fun and groovy to moving and melancholic, and his sweet tenor voice is equally able to indulge in lustful moods or to make an audience feel the need to get up and dance. Yusuf was accompanied by his faithful duo Martin Krümmling (drums, backing vocals, keys) and – devastatingly, for the last time after 10 years – Damian Giambazi (bass, backing vocals).

The return of Lofi-Lounge was a gift to every single audience member and artist alike, and though it was impossible to ignore the fact that things have changed from how they were before, this evening of wonderful music left everyone with a huge smile on their face and a desire to return next time!

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