behold: the indievip nft – we launch our indie nft store

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We’ve been threatening it for a while, and now it’s here! The all-dancing, all-singing indieRepublik NFT Store!

Jumping on the bandwagon, we’ve set up an NFT store to help independent artists and musicians to sell their music and art as NFTs – since we see the NFT trend as the best way out of the streaming jungle, where musicians and songwriters will never make more than pennies.

introducing the indievip nft

But first of all, our first-ever NFT put up for sale, is our indieVIP NFT! Not just something you stick away in a digital wallet and leave it there, this is something you can use as a badge to be FIRST IN LINE to win our GUEST LIST PASS RAFFLES that we’re now returning to, after the last two years of gigless life….PLUS percent-off offers on loads of our goods and services and more…

Coming to the I Remain Blind show on Thursday 5th May? The launch party for Robert Grant’s new poetry book of the same name, with five music acts – Noel Maurice, Kat Koan, Freddie Dickson, Scott & Lila and Konrad Kinard – is set to be a whale of a time.

Pre-book for the I remain blind party and win an indievip nft

And the first ten people who’ve bought tickets wil be getting their promised free indieVIP NFTs in the next days…now we’re extending the offer, and giving away another 10 indieVIP NFTs to random people who pre-book for the gig…book your ticket now and be in the running….

We’re still in Beta: which means you can visit our NFT store directly in the platform (but you’ll need a digital wallet to access the site – not to buy anything; but it serves also as an ID). We’re setting up a page on our site that will function as an intermediary storefront…watch this space!

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