Clowns at so36 on July19th!

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It’s an old story: Finally getting to see that band you got tickets to two years ago. Shortly after Clowns’ fourth full-length released, Nature/Nurture, the pandemic slowed down the planet, leaving the Melbourne-based quintet unable to play it out loud to the world.

Ever since their early years, they missed no chance to play another show: I’m Not Right, Clowns’ fast-paced, garage-y punk debut released in 2013 was followed by extensive touring all around Australia. By 2015, they were already to be found at Riot Fest Chicago, one of the largest remaining independent festivals in the US, followed by Belgium’s popular Groezrock in 2016. Further shows in Europe ensued, later Japan.

Their sophomore record released in 2015, Bad Blood, tweaked their hardcore punk sound established on I’m Not Right. Both were released via Poison City Records, who have been at the forefront of giving a platform to young Australian punk bands, being partners of acts such as The Smith Street Band, Camp Cope, and Bat Piss.

2017’s Lucid Again struck a different tone, intertwining their heavy, 90’s inspired punk sound with intricate psychedelic rock melodies. An appearance at Wacken Open Air as well as much critical acclaim followed – the journalists and fans excited by the innovative spin on the genre; by what might come next.

Nature/Nurture, their latest LP, proves Clowns still have numerous excitements up their sleeve: Peaking at #6 on the Australian ARIA charts, it also saw them nominated for the 2019 ARIA Award in the category of Best Hard Rock or Heavy Metal Album. Not only that, Nature/Nurture also scored them a record deal with renowned Fat Wreck Chords, the second ever Australian band to be signed to Fat Mike’s label.

Almost three years to the day after their latest show in Berlin – on July 22nd, 2019 – Clowns are returning to the stage, bigger and more energetic than ever. Don’t miss their ingenious spin on the hardcore/punk genre at SO36 on July 19th!

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