24 exciting newcomer bands are performing at Most Wanted: Music Live 2020! Don’t miss it!

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Save the date: 5th of November (Thursday), dozens of amazing live shows. Pop, hip hop, folk, rock, punk, and so much more in one day. Most Wanted: Music never disappoints. This year all the performances and Q&A sessions can be experienced online! We are raffling a couple of tickets for you to enjoy this amazing event.

MWM: Live 2019 Photo credit: Joris Felix

Bands from Germany, Luxembourg, Canada, Scotland, Czech, England, Hungary and more are taking over the virtual stage of Most Wanted: Music Live 2020. That would make a long-read essay for us to tell you about every amazing band. So let us just preview some artists to get you interested. And you can find the full programme right here.

Coucou from Dresden\Berlin is a powerful female trio whose music is rooted in tender melancholy with beautiful vocal delivery. If you support magical female art and indulge into sweet sadness, this is for you.

It wouldn’t be a Berlin-based event without an electronic act, right? We loved dfumh (aka Don’t Fuck Up My High) and their cyber chill tracks that will definitely make your body shake.

KID BE KID from Berlin is just blowing our minds, she is talented in so many different ways, and her music is a wild mix that works: gentle, weird, detailed. We are dying to see her live performance.

If we are talking about talented experimentation, We Will Kaleid is right up that alley. Their tracks are vibrant and feel almost too real as if existing to be touched and felt with more than just audial sense. The art-pop duo from Münster is also performing on November 5th!

Electronic is all great, but what is about GUITARS? We have that too. Kolossus Däächt, a garage-punk band from Regensburg, will be there to deliver the craziest riffs and energy on the virtual stage.

Never Sol from Prague is a true synth sorceress because her songs sound like a spell: hazy, dreamy soundscapes with melancholic melodies and emotional lyrics, cut through with some distortions. You would not last fighting against her magic, try it out on November 5th!

Canadians Super Duty Tough Work (love the name!) are responsible for the hip hop side of things, mixing it with some woozy jazz, clear cut bars and great vibes. Are you the East Coast lover and miss the 90s sound? Yes, this is something just for you.

Straight up pop bangers from the rising European starts? Sign us up! Telquist will also join MW:M to perform his hits and to deliver one of the best indietronica for the night.

MWM: Live 2019 Q&A session Photo credit: Joris Felix

We could continue the list on and on but instead of reading this, just get the ticket and enjoy it yourself! The Most Wanted: Music Live 2020 can be fully experienced online. All you need is to get a ticket here or join the raffle from indieRepublik! To win a ticket drop us an e-mail with your name, phone number and which artist you are most excited to see: win@indierepublik.tempurl.host!

The ticket gives you access to the digital conference as well because Most Wanted: Music is the event of the year with many great parts and bits music fans and industry professionals would be interested in visiting. Get more information about the convention here. All the information about Most Wanted Music: Live here.

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