Emerging artist Keir releases beautiful and emotional new single ‘Say Love’

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Following the release of his eclectic debut EP ‘A Thorn With A Face’ on November 13th, powerful singer-songwriter Keir shares the music video for the final song of his EP, ‘Say Love’

Keir – from Bristol, UK – creates rich and explosive pop-rock tracks, merging together soul, rock, blues and pop, and bringing this synthesis forward into the future. In every single one of his songs is a voice layered with emotion – be it turmoil, pain, love, anger or sadness – and the experience of listening to him amounts to a great catharsis.

Listening to Keir amounts to a great catharsis


A moving and poignant song about heartbreak, loneliness and desolation

Opening quietly with a simple guitar tune and Keir’s distinct and comforting vocals, this track immediately sends a flood of emotion over you, inviting you to come along for the sad yet powerful journey that follows a break-up. Isolating echoes build up to a strong, jolting drum beat along with rich vocal layers and harmonies at the chorus.


Keir’s voice leads you determinedly through the highs and lows, both musically and emotionally, as the catchy bridge and refrain drive the poweful lyrics into your mind and memory. The tragically beautiful line “may you fall in love some day” emphasises loneliness and sorrow, and this is all the more relevant at the moment when everyone feels alone in some capacity.

Keir’s voice leads you determinedly through the highs and lows.

The song is pleading and mournful, indulging in the self-reflection that arises from those low points in life, and yet retains an element of optimism as it suggests that there is still life after love. The music video for ‘Say Love’ has just been released, and shows how even in the worse times of life, we are ultimately all in the same boat and there is always hope.

Keir says of his track: “I never intended to write about heartbreak, but during lockdown everything changed so much. 2 Months after the announcement I found a relationship turn to nothing. The feeling of sadness and isolation was doubled by the circumstances of the world in which we had all found ourselves. I couldn’t see friends or deal with it in a natural way, instead I was left inside my own head. I struggled to eat, sleep, think.”

Do yourself a favour and delve deep into your feelings with this beautiful song and video!

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