02.09. Thea Hjelmeland @ NeueKammerspiele – read our interview with this great artist first


On the second of September, Norwegian artist Thea Hjelmeland is playing at the Neue Kammerspiele in Kleinmachnow. The day before she has been invited to play at the summer party of the scaninavian embassies and shortly afterwards she will be playing a show during the Berlin Music Week. So we are extra happy that she found the time to play at our venue and that we had the chance to interview her before the show!

Read, enjoy and come see the show: 02.09.2013 @
Neue Kammerspiele – Karl-Marx-Str. 18 – 14532 Kleinmachnow

ib: If your music was a colour or range of colours – what would it look like? It would probably look like the rainbow! There are so many different moods and shades and changes, even in darker atmosphere there will be light and the other way around. I have a big range too.. so the sound changes often from song to song.

ib: You are Norwegian, have lived long in France and are playing Germany at the moment – do you have a favourite country or audience? What are remarkable features? I must say that the first times I played in Germany I was amazed – I was supporting Bernhoft on his European tour, and I played the opening every night, in venues with audience from 800 to 1500 people. Nobody had heard of me before – and people were So respectful! They were listening – and if others talked, they would hush on them. I fell in love with the German audience immideately. For welcoming new artist like that, I find the German audience very special. People seem to be curious, and grateful.

ib: What is your music / what are your songs mainly about? I play a lot of string instruments like mandolin, banjo, guitar, harp, ukulele.. And my voice is my main instrument. I tell stories. About myself or others. And the music is sometimes a bit folk, sometimes pop, sometimes more world music. Very rhytmhical and also soft and dynamic. My songs are about the travels I have made within myself and in the world – through others, telling their story, or just about being in a movement. Sounds very open, but I think a listener would have less out of my music if I was to explain it in details 😉

ib: Do you think there is such a thing as a Scandinavian sound? There might be, but I haven’t given it a thought before.. I think it depends on which genre..

ib: What do you prefer – capital city gigs or small town venues? Both! I prefer audience that are interested so that we can share something together, if it is 80 or 800, doesn’t matter – it’s the moments shared together that matters.

ib: With whom would you never (again?) share a stage? Hah! That’s a question. It’s easy to start to mention people that passed away.. I could say a black metal band, or reggeaton – but you never know! I just played for 5000 people in La Havana and shared stage with many bands I would never have imagined to be sharing with. Everything is possible – but let’s say Jay Z! Then maybe it will happen! Haha 🙂

ib: Who do you dream of being on stage with? It would be a huge dream to share stage with Björk.

ib: Have you been to Berlin? What do you think of Berlin? Yes, I have been to Berlin a couple of times now, but I was only there to play. So so far I only saw some venues, good audience – really good food, hotel, and I had a walk in Kreutzberg; I fell in love immideately!

ib: Do art or fashion have an influence on your music? Art has a huge influence. My mother is an textile artist and some of my best friends are artists.. I also do some performance art with them. It helps me liberate in the music. Art has no limits. And sometimes I tend to go into patterns where I believe music has limits. So I seek to art to break out of those patterns.
I am not that updated about fashion – I am more into mixing, and second hand, and colors, and whatever mood I’m in.

ib: What does the phrase indieberlin mean to you? It sounds like a good place to be! 😉

ib: Where can we see or hear you next? 02.09. at the Neue Kammerspiele of course and I will play at the Berlin Music Week wendesday the 4th of september. Hope to see a lot of people there!

Thank you!

interview by Mia Morris