From Artist to Artist Interview Podcast No. 3 talks to indie artist Daniel Benyamin

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From Artist to Artist Music Interview Podcast No. 3 with Stefanie Martens and presented by indieRepublik, we hear from Daniel Benyamin, long-time survivor of the music industry and still touring musician.

From Artist to Artist is the weekly podcast series cooperation between Stefanie Martens – herself a gigging and recording indie artist from Holland who’s based in Berlin – and indieRepublik. It involves itself with finding good advice for indie musicians – whether young or old, just starting out or plugging away forever – on touring, recording, and surviving in the music industry.

Good advice for indie musicians by indie musicians

Playing 2000 concerts through 30 countries with his bands Sea + Air, Jumbo Jet, as the drummer of San Francisco’s Post-Punk legend Toiling Midgets, bassist in The Strokes producer Gordon Raphael’s band, or touring with a flock of well-known artists such as Jose Gonzales or Sufjan Stevens made Daniel Benyamin who he is…

A rebellious composer who never thinks himself safe but takes the regular risk of ruining everything he achieved so far by adventurous experiments.

Even though he sees himself as a classical composer who can’ t read music and won’t respect instruments, he is never far from catchy pop songs.

The sound he calls „ghost pop“ plays with extremes: noise that makes you hear a pin drop, melancholic melodies that leave you dancing. Like in everyday life, every single human emotion woven into his music creates friction and dynamic that wipes out all musical borders.f

Stefanie Martens: “Around 10 years ago I saw Daniel performing at a concert with his duo from back then Sea & Air. That day had always been an inspiration for me and kicked off my own journey as a duo Wolf & Moon. He has been active for 2 more decades than me and it has been very inspiring to hear about his view on the industry and how you as an artist can always get back on your feet as long as your passion for music stays alive.”

Daniel Benyamin is supporting the refugees who are barely surviving on the edge of Fortress Europe: 5€ from every album sold and 15€ from every Package 2 sold goes to help the people living in Camp Moria on Lesvos Island, via the unique non-profit Stand By Me Lesvos where refugees, locals and volunteers work together to help these people survive.

Daniel Benyamin Website | Daniel Benyamin Facebook | Daniel Benyamin Instagram

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