From Artist to Artist Podcast Out Today

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Each week Stefanie Martens presents us with a new edition of her From Artist to Artist Podcast.

It does what it says on the tin: Stefanie (herself an artist) talks each week to an established indie artist to find out how they are navigating the waters of the indie music industry.

This week we have Tommy Ebben in the hot seat…

Stefanie says:

Can’t believe we’re already on our 6th episode of the From Artist To Artist Podcast ?. Today with Dutch artist @tommyebben also known from @thebandkomodo. His latest band project went on a roller coaster. He signed with Sony Music just based on 3 demos. No band name, no photos, no gigs whatsoever. Just 3 amazing songs. When circumstances started looking really bad he learned his biggest lesson “You have to always remember you are doing it because you love it!”. I think this is one to remember for all of us.

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