Indieberlin interviews Eva Milner from Hundreds


The electro-pop duo Hundreds, i.e. siblings Eva and Philipp Milner, is on the road again. Indieberlin had a chance to interview Eva about touring, concert experiences and future plans.

ib: Could you tell us something about you that no one else knows?

I often have nightmares. I wake up at 3 am, feeling frightened, then I read about 30 minutes. And then I go back to sleep with the lights on.

ib: As siblings on tour – is it like being on vacation as children?

No, definitely not. Touring cannot be compared with vacation. It’s work, it’s stressful and still it’s a lot of fun.

ib: You have had a hectic year behind you and still a tour ahead of you. Where do you get all that energy from and how do you motivate yourselves if you’re having a bad day?

I try to be nice to myself, when I am having a bad day. Go for a walk, read a good book, have a cup of tea. When the bad thoughts are gone, I try to keep them away through writing and not overthinking everything.

ib: Do you have some habits that you always repeat before a gig?

We hide for 10 minutes from all the others and sing some parts of our show together. We breathe and sing. That works very good and keeps us focused.

ib: What has been you favourite venue or show to play so far and why?

We loved to play the Fusion Festival this year. We played in a big tent, it was packed, everybody was singing along. There was so much love around us. I kept this in my heart.

ib: Do you have a “worst stage experience ever”?

In a coffee shop in London, we played in front of talking  and coffee drinking people and felt like we were disturbing them.

ib: Which bands/artists/albums do you listen to in your tour bus?

At the moment: Sylvan Esso. Such a great album! Highly reccommended!

ib: We hear you have plans to lock yourselves in a studio in 2015 – is this true? What can we expect?

We don’t know yet what to expect. We just want to make a new album very soon to keep up the spirit of the last one. If you tour too long, you forget how to write songs…
ib: Thank you!
Photo by Andreas Hornoff