indieberlin interviews Fiona Burgess from Woman’s Hour


The charming electro-pop band Woman’s Hour visited Berlin earlier this week and indieberlin had a chance to interview the lovely singer Fiona Burgess after their show at Kantine am Berghain on Wednesday night.

ib: The concert at Kantine am Berghain was your first gig ever in Berlin. How did you like it?

The first time in Berlin was amazing. Such a lovely crowd. One thing that I didn’t expect was a lot of people smoking, which took me back to 2006 because in the UK nobody smokes inside anymore. So that was kind of retro. I like the fact that rules are made, but they’re obviously made to be broken here.

ib: Did you have a chance to go around the city while being here?

Not that much. We arrived this afternoon, we did the sound check, and then we went to radioeins to do an interview with them. And then we had some food, we had some lovely burgers in central Berlin.

I wanted to check out a few galleries. I’ve been to Berlin a few times, I’ve been to Jewish Museum and the Berlin Wall and the Reichstag, things like that, and I wanted to do something a bit more cultural, a bit more non-touristic.

ib: You released your first album ‘Conversations’ some months ago. How’s your year been otherwise?

Lots of packing and unpacking of suitcases. I’m so used to living out of a suitcase now. But it’s been great. We’ve been able to tour with Anna Calvi and Metronomy, and we did our first festivals this year which were amazing. And obviously coming to Europe for the first time. So lots of firsts. We went to America for the first time, we released our first album… It’s been a year of firsts.

ib: And what are your plans for the near future?

In the near future we’ll be working on our second record. We’ve just begun writing some things and we’ll just continue to work on that and hopefully have some new music for you soon.

ib: Thank you!

Written by: Kiira Koskela

Photo by: Steve Gullick