indieberlin review – Damien Rice in Admiralspalast


It’s not always easy being a fan of Damien Rice. The last album 9 was released eight years ago and since then there’s not been much new from the retiring Irishman. But last Friday the wait was finally over! The fantastic new album My Favourite Faded Fantasy is now finallly available and Damien also gave one of his rare concerts in the Admiralspalast in Berlin.

As support we had the congenial female duo My Bubba from Sweden and Ireland. They apparently met Damien in a swimming pool in Iceland and eventually ended up playing support for him. The thirty minutes floated by and the two ably entertained the public with their music, which sounded like a mixture of Kings of Convenience and Coco Rose. My Bubba had even learnt a sentence in German…”Why is the banana bent?”, they asked. No one seemed quite able to find an answer to this riddle but it earned a lot of laughter and a good bit of applause so all good.

In the old days he played in the Columbiahalle with Lisa Hannigan (the last concert the two would ever play together), and a complete band

After a quick resetting up of equipment Damien hit the stage just after 9pm. In the old days he played in the Columbiahalle with Lisa Hannigan (the last concert the two would ever play together), and a complete band. Tonight he’s alone on the Admiralspalast stage. But it doesn’t seem to matter at all. The audience was just happy to have Damien Rice back on stage before them. He smiled at the audience, made a couple of jokes about some people who turned up late, and began the evening with a new song, The Greatest Bastard. It’s as if he was never away. Listening to his voice I immediately had goosepimples, just like the last time I heard him. Tonight Damien obviously enjoys himself and the new songs fit perfectly between Amie, Elephant and Delicate.

The audience was turned on as well and Volcano is sung all together. The place is divided into two halves. One sings “Volcanoes melt me down” and the other “What I am to you is not real, what I am to you you do not need” and Damien takes care of the rest. The lines are sung, the audience claps and stamps loudly. The song gets fast and faster and ends in a round of riotous applause. Crazy.

The wonderful evening is over much too fast and for a last encore the two ladies from My Bubba returns to the stage. Together with Damien they sing the song I Remember. Which is also a good catchword to end with since the audience will definitely be remembering tonight for a good long time. Cheers Damien!

1. The Greatest Bastard
2. Delicate
3. Woman Like A Man
4. Elephant
5. I Don´t Want To Change You
6. Amie
7. My Favourite Faded Fantasy
8. Volcano
9. The Blower´s Daughter
10. Insane
11. Cold Water
12. Eskimo
13. The Box
14. Trusty And True
15. Colour Me In
16. I Remember (with My Bubba)

My Bubba

Damien Rice


Photos and Review by Norman Zielasko, translation by Noel Maurice