Interview: Indieberlin talks to Rusconi – Rusconi tells us why they do what they do


Indieberlin interviews Rusconi
Indieberlin:please describe your music as if you would explain it to a child.
 Rusconi: Whoeeeeeeeeeeeebop!

 Indieberlin: Why do you do what you do?
 Rusconi: Because it helps us and others understand us and others
Indieberlin: How do you feel about Berlin as a creative city?
Rusconi: It’s broke but can be beautiful
Indieberlin: With whom would you like to share a stage?
Rusconi: Captain Jack Sparrow (or Charlie Chaplin if he would be still among us)
Indieberlin: What would you say to someone who said Jazz is so passé?
Rusconi: Shut up and listen.
Indieberlin:  Where can we listen to your music in the internet? Do you have a website? What’s your favorite social network? When can we see you live again? 

Rusconi: official site: ,store (listen/download and vinyl):,facebook:

28.3. HBC, Berlin
29.3. Kampnagel, Hamburg
30.3. Kito, Bremen
3.3. Rete Due, Lugano
4.4. Kaufleuten, Zürich

6.4. Le Bourg Lausanne

 Indieberlin: Imagine I was a talented young broke musician and I’d ask you for advise how to do this “job” or if you cuold recommend it. What would you say to me?
Rusconi: Always listen to yourself and go for it at least 10 years. talk to us again after.

Rusconi play tonight, 20th in HBC Berlin – we have two tickets and CDs to give away – write to and tell us the name of the last Rusconi album!

Interview by Mia Morris