aaaaand we’re back

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I know, I know, we left you like a lamb in the wilderness, like a hungry soul weeping at the altar of love, like a singer-songwriter with a broken guitar string standing outside a music shop on a rainy Sunday in Berlin…

Which is another way of saying, we slowed things down for the summer, as I’m sure you noticed: Taking time off for clearing our communal head, shaking off the cobwebs, catching some rays and reminding ourselves why: why what? Well, why everything. Why we’re here rather than somewhere else, why indie, why here, why now, and why the hell didn’t we choose to run a beach bar in Thailand.

But there are, of course, no answers to these questions, as indeed there are no properly suitable answers to so many of the questions running around in our brains.

Suffice to say, we all needed a little time off, and now we’re back at the coal face of happening indie culture with renewed vigour and a whole lot of vim, whatever that is.

Check out the moving protest song from Belarus band Naviband here

Check out our efforts to help Ukrainian fashion labels get men to wear skirts

As well as music, fashion and art happenings, we intend to cover more other stuff: more climate; more alternative lifestyle possibilities/choices; more stuff that bubbles at the top of my brain of a morning.

We hope you are well. We hope that you survived the pandemic intact. We hope that you’re ready to rush once more into the fray. We hope that you had a good summer. But come. There is work to be done. There is indie culture to be discussed, music to be reviewed, and dark thoughts to be whispered from the sidelines.

Hallo, autumn. We’re back.

Photo by Rodnae Productions

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