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Milky Chance has become the archetype of the true indie band, while capturing the imagination not only in Germany but across the world with their odd but somehow perfect, asynchronous music. After hit single Colorado they’re back with new single Synchronize.

Milky Chance is the indie duo that sprang out of two friends in Kassel, Germany recording their first music in the childhood bedroom of one of them. The song that launched them into the airwaves was Stolen Dance: if you’ve tried to figure out the chords and sing along to it, you’ll know that it is one weird and wonderful bit of songwriting.

another dancy, slightly off-kilter hit

Before they properly released Stolen Dance as a single, Milky Chance uploaded the Stolen Dance song/video to Youtube in 2012, where it began to amass plays and likes in the hundreds of thousands. Finally they set up their own label and put it out on their debut album Sadnecessary, winning gold records, making them for a month the “most blogged-about band in the world” (Hypemachine) and setting them on the path to worldwide fame.

And all this from an album that was available as download and CD – not in shops, but sent via post if you asked nicely.

A distribution deal followed; more singles; appearances in the US On Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel; and there was no looking back.

Cut forward to 2022, and you’ll know that their last single Colorado has been another hit that is more often on the radio than off it; they seem to have embraced the US; and the US has embraced them right back, but of course we hope the Berlin-based band hasn’t forgotten about their home country.

Brand new single Synchronize is another dancy, slightly off-kilter indie pop hit that dances between straight-ahead beats, a lackadaisical vocal approach and the odd strange little touches that have come to be typical of the band.

“When you’re in love and feel that perfect synchronization with someone, it’s almost as if nothing else matters,” said guitarist/singer Clemens Rehbein. “Your worries, your anxieties, they just disappear, and all that’s left is love.”

And about how it was written and recorded, bassist and percussionist Phillipp Dausch said “It’s often just the two of us writing and producing, but we worked with another songwriter and producer duo called DECCO on ‘Colorado,’ and we all had such good chemistry in the studio that we knew we wanted to collaborate with them again on ‘Synchronize.’ Music is all about communication and connection, and working with other people put us in touch with parts of ourselves that we’d never really explored before.”

Photo by Molinanthony via Wikipedia under a CC 4.0 Licence.

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