Music Report: search for hope and battles with yourself in these brand new albums

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Genesis Owusu – Smiling With No Teeth

An explosion of energy, bluntness, and experimentation on Owusu’s long-awaited debut makes this album one of the most exciting releases of this year. Genesis shines with his fluidity and endless music talent – he raps, sings, he delivers breathtaking spoken word passages. His “black dog” metaphor is whatever you want to see in it – racial inequality, pandemic chaos, depression, etc. – thanks to the fluidity of his lyrics and genres, every listener can find something special. It is Owusu’s honest and raw performance that holds this ambitiously long debut album together, making it cohesive and structured throughout. Genesis Owusu on Spotify


All American boy band proceeds to mature on their sixth studio album. They’re slowly but surely growing out from the BOY band aesthetic and want to explore something more serious while simultaneously diving deeper into the old-school hip hop sound and the ’90s for inspiration. That made ROADRUNNER sound groovy, but, lyric-wise, heavy with its dark verses on suicide, downsides of fame, homophobic families, etc. However, BROCKHAMPTON see The Light, wipe off the tears and continue on the ride. BROCKHAMPTON on Spotify

Jane Weaver – Flock

On her new album ‘Flock’ Jane Weaver is unstoppable. From the wild and free, arms wide open, screaming at the tops of your lungs opening track to instrumental experimentation, slightly sad but magical title track, and cheeky groove of tracks like ‘Sunset Dreams’. You won’t find straight-up disco hits in here if that’s what you’re looking for, instead dive into the synth-heavy cosmic bliss and just relax. Jane Weaver on Spotify

La Femme – Paradigmes

Parisians La Femme surprise their listeners with every album, escaping genre norms, consistent styles, and conformism. ‘Paradigmes’ is an interesting title choice, the French chaos of La Femme is their paradigm indeed. On one track, Sasha Got and Marlo Magné are trippy and hazy, on the other, they are revolutionary punk rockers, then they are at the indietronica party, followed by a ridiculous opera performance. ‘Paradigmes’ album is pure camp, it doesn’t take itself too seriously and ultimately wins – everyone would want to take this wild ride along with the french superstars. La Femme on Spotify

serpentwithfeet – DEACON

One of the most emotionally powerful releases in this compilation. This album traverses gentle and poignant love that swallows you whole. serpentwithfeet is unapologetically romantic, queer, and fragile here, which makes DEACON such a compelling listen filled with masterful songwriting, sensual ’90s R&B, and a sweet aftertaste. serpentwithfeet on Spotify

Clark – Playground In a Lake

Clark proves once again that no challenge is difficult for him – every recent release is yet a new sound, a new height. For this new album, for example, Clark studied the art of sheet music and collaborated with a famous classical music label. You can also feel the influence of soundtracking and existential philosophy, something that he seems to be passionate about now. ‘Playground In a Lake’ turned out as an intelligent album that covers the environmental topic. You cannot take these complex themes and mix them up with something simple, therefore, this release is a grand, intricate piece of work that is worth exploring further. Clark on Spotify

Porter Robinson – nurture

One casual listen of Porter’s new album can feel like taking a trip to Japan, remembering the best years of EDM, and just vibing. Though if you take a closer look, this is a detailed diary entry about fighting yourself, looking for your lost self-confidence, coming to terms with unexpectedly found fame, and finally reaching the end of the tunnel. Porter Robinson manages to blend genre-defying elements with beautiful acoustic instrumentation – piano and strings are the most beautiful here, as well as singing of birds. Porter Robinson on Spotify

Ferdous – For My Own Sake

Ferdous does magic on his debut solo EP ‘For My Own Sake’ – the hushed, ambient opening track invites us to the world of beautiful synth-soaked R&B, sexy catchy melodies that many fans of early The Weeknd will appreciate, reminiscent of dark club dance scenes full of secrets (the hit single ‘Gravity’). Ferdous mixes fresh electronic sound with gentle delivery and deeply personal lyrics. A pop star in the making! Ferdous on Spotify

Text: Alina Berezhnaya

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