Jump with Us – General Elektriks Live Review

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“Don’t let it get you down, no!” the singer sings while jumping around and spanking the funk out of his Clavinet.
I will start with him keeping that energy going through out the whole gig. It was physically impressive and emotionally satisfying to see a band having fun and tight the groove so effing well live. Thanks for the dancing night.

The funk was in the air. The bassist had the proper hair. His dancing with his transparent headless bass was just one of the long list of dance moves he had on his list. To name some: playing a synth one-handed, while facing the crowd and moving his hips viciously, shoulder pumping at the the synth, combing his hair with a comb pick and, my favourite – facing the crowd while doing nothing at all. Did I mention the rhythmic section was tight AF?

There were two more holding the groove steady with the bassist, two drummers/percussionists that interchanged the main drum set to go play either the vibraphone and bells (tall skinny guy with a punk mohawk) or a vintage MPC (guy with shades). The guitarists all dressed in white also jumped and did couple of Peter Townshend strummings while playing. A special mention to a vital part of the show, last but not least commonly referred to as Roadie. A member that from behind the scenes played an instrument with no sound that kept the gig’s sound neat. The whole band was dancing and giving out hell of a show while keeping a steady funky beat. They also did the mute-freeze routine Ɛ>.

Jump with us.- said the singer while jumping. If you want to see some dancing dance first, he never stopped and so didn’t we. His solos on that vintage Hohner Clavinet-C were full of power. Melodic and yet funky, full of expression and musicality. You could tell the amount of hours he has spend jumping, dancing and playing at the same time just by looking at his frantic keyboard banging become a beautiful solo tune. The sound of an old synth drawing colourful lines in a sick beat soundscape.

It didn’t stop. The energy coming out of the stage to the crowd never stopped. Professional entertainers that love what they do, touring musicians with attitude on stage, strong characters on an hour and a half play and friends making music is what you might see when you see General Elektriks live.

The energy kept the crowd head-nodding, shoulder-pummping and even frenetic-dancing through the night. In a half full Gretchen, there were people of all ages in a sea of good vibes. The repertoire was full of old hits and songs from their latest album, all played in funky-band versions. They played for two hours (or so it felt because they went the extra mile). Encore? No doubt.

Make sure to get some tickets for the next time General Elektriks is around. They are spoiler proof.

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