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Hello and thanks for your interest in indieBerlin album reviews.

We receive ever more requests to review albums, singles and EPs. Up until now we haven’t been able to do that for the simple reason that we need to pay our reviewers to write a music review.
Of course we understand that having an album review is useful for bands, and as such we very much want to help out. However while we of course check out concerts and exhibitions and so on for free, we’re not in a position to offer free reviews of recorded music.

That’s why we’re offering album, single and EP reviews as a fairly-priced, paid service – simply so that we can pay our reviewers to do it. Our position is that we will only write a positive review, while remaining completely honest. You are welcome to send us your album and if we like it, we’ll write a review, and if we don’t, we won’t. That way you don’t get a bad review of your album and we keep enjoying what we do and remain completely honest, avoiding the danger of losing out credibility by being seen as writing good things about an album just because we’re being paid for it.

We charge 25€ for a review of album, single or EP for unsigned bands.
We charge 30€ for a review of album, single or EP for labels.

Simply write to reviews[at] and we’ll take it from there.

We hope you understand why we can only offer this as a paid service. We welcome any discussion, questions or suggestions as always, please write into the comment form below.

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