Natasha Jaffe next release out now

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Her second album “Cello in reflection” is crowdfunded and was released on November 26th at Kallash&.

Natasha is a classically educated cellist, session musician, and composer who has broken from genre during years of collaboration with various indie artists in the city. ‘Cello in Reflection’ includes a variety of influences from Brazilian folk to Yiddish Hungarian music, all beautifully coming together to show the ways music travels and morphs. Here is a taste of her music.

Natasha’s music is inspired by connection – between humans and the natural world, between us and our ancestors, across space and time. With a focus on her own heritage as well as our collective human heritage, the music takes us on a journey across the Atlantic Ocean and back again.

The album was first imagined during the pandemic where the Ocean really appeared as a barrier she couldn’t cross anymore. As an artist raised in a musicians and travellers family, Natasha successfully turned her lockdown experience in something really heartening. Being far away from them with the inability to project herself in the future made us feel closer to her ancestors, being apart from their culture and people. As a music player and teacher she questioned the sustainability of her work. With those questioning the Let yourself be carried away by this modern ancestral music.

Most of all I want to re-connect with this music, not just with my heritage or family, but with you.

You can listen to Natasha’s music here. // Stay tuned about her newest activities here

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